Urban OUTFITter.

Summer Drops by YURiCa /花たん

I shouldn’t even be allowed here considering it has been months since I touched this space! Regardless, I am back, with a mini sale haul from Urban Outfitters.


#1 Kimchi Blue Black Studded Flatforms of major awesome!

This was the one thing that I wanted to buy…and the best part was that this baby was on sale! Just a mere £10 (Originally £48). Here’s the next best part; there was absolutely no need to break into them. This has got to be the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn in my entire life. It felt like I had been wearing them for ages! Oh, and another bonus, it adds to my short stature!

They had other designs, like snake skin pattern, but I picked this awesome black studded one because it would simply go with everything. Simple yet edgy; that’s about the right description.


#2 Winged Earbuds

They are super adorable, and just £5. They do pretty well for such a cheap price, and is a nice alternative to my headphones when I have to wear a hat out.


#3 Bullet Necklace £10, Spiked Ear Cuff £3 and Skull Beer Opener Ring £5.

The first two is pretty self-explanatory….so I will to the most interesting one. THE BEER OPENER RING! I am not a fan of beer, but I am darn tempted to buy a bunch just to have a short relay of opening them with the ring. Before you say I bought something ridiculous, I have an accessory that has an actual function…not many people can say that!


#4 Rose Scarf £10

Just because I like Roses. And they look beautiful on everything.

In addition to the already discounted prices, as a student in UK, I was entitled to another 20% on the total bill; basically free delivery, no tax and a little off the actual purchases ♥

Well, this is all for now. I promise I will be more diligent this year!


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