[Picture Diary #12] A Sentosa Weekend


I couldn’t depart from Singapore without going to SENTOSA! So, on the last weekend before I had to head back to the UK, I went there with my dear family.

#1 They have a lot more decorations now – compared to the last time I was here. This merlion totally caught my eye, and I loved it! It was next to the fountain, looking joyful while tourist went up again and again to pose next to it.

#2 And fulfilling everyone’s dream, they had gigantic candies hanging from “chocolate” trees all along the pathway where the sinful candy store, Candylicious is. If only they were real…#willywonkafantasies

#3 The pastel coloured ones were so adorable! I wanted to buy them…but they were expensive! It was just the colour! What a rip-off!

#4 There was also a Gelato store inside Candylicious and I saw the staff preparing these…GELATO BOMBS! I wonder how fast you have to eat this! It’s Singapore we are talking about – it would start melting the moment you pick it up. Still, I would try it…one day.

#5 Then, we headed to the beaches. And one of them, Palawan was having an event for kids! There were families everywhere, with a slide made completely out of ice, magic shows and….

#6 A station just for you to blow bubbles NON-STOP.

#7 Even the signs kept with the beach theme! Way to go on details.

#8 Bubbles floating in the air while the children just enjoyed the Sunday full of fun and laughter. That’s how everyone, young or old, should enjoy their weekends!

That’s it for Sentosa, I do have some other pictures posted in my flickr account if anyone wants to check it out.

Well then, till next time!


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