I ♥ Paul’s Boutique!

Sexy Love by T-ara

It is definitely good to be a student in the UK! You are given the privilege to attend events such as Lock-Ins, where the entire mall becomes shopping haven full of sales for students! So, in Dundee, it is OVERGATE that holds this event along with a couple of stores participating. Unfortunately, not all the stores are up for this! In fact, this year, River Island did not join in – major disappointment.

Regardless! I still had a great time because I found the perfect zip-hoodie ever in existence!


Yes! My very first Paul’s Boutique purchase (from BANK). And it was 20% off..which makes it £48 (Originally, £60). It was a bit pricey, but I  had to get it. Because….

IT HAS MY LITTLE PONY ON IT! Mind you, not all the hoodies (same design) had MLP. This was the only one that had it…when I discovered that, I knew I had to make it mine before I regret it.

Also! The Hoodie was littered with other logos and shapes..& had tiny neon pink skulls all over! It is so adorable. How could I resist not making this my own?

Even the hood is decorated with logos! Which I admit, I did not realise till I brought it home – too obsessed with the MLP in the front! And when you thought the little details ended there…

even the tag inside is special! With a blank for me declare proper ownership of it.

It may be pricey, but I think its worth it. The design is great, you can easily wear this out and look stylish. Furthermore, its really thick and keeps you super warm without making you look like a giant wool ball. This is definitely a great hoodie for the cold winter.

I shall end off with a really unflattering picture of how it looks like upfront:

Oh, I love you so much!

This hoodie has ignited my interest and love in Paul’s Boutique. A brand I have heard before but never really paid attention to. They do have pretty awesome stuff, though a little on the pricey side. As far as I can tell, they are of great quality and is probably worth the money you paid for.

I sense a new wallet….from there.

So tempting!

Especially since I have 10% on normal days since I am student here.

Being a student in the UK sure has its perks!


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