Welcome to the TokiDoki! Sodashop!

ROOT SPHERE by みどりいぬ。

Tokidoki has been one of my favourites for a while.. & I can never resist buying anything with their characters on it! So, when I saw TokiDoki Sodashop on sale at Bugis+’s Sephora for a discounted price of SGD$29 (Usual price of SGD$60!), I totally went for it.

I mean, come on, how could you just walk away from this. It even comes with a magnet (the red flag shaped one in the middle). That’s not the only treat…

There are also stickers! I don’t think I could ever dare to use them anywhere though. These can join my other Tokidoki merchandise!

It’s time to get to the main deal: THE EYESHADOWS & EYELINER!

Bask in its colourful glory. Each of them even comes with an adorable character as names. They are also super pigmented but I have not tried them yet to know how good they are! I am very picky and can’t live without eyeshadow primer because I have the most ridiculous pair of oily eyelids ever – which allows EVERY THING TO SMUDGE. But the reviews I have read so far say they are pretty darn awesome. Guess I have nothing to worry about! Oh, and not forgetting the eyeliner – which is a beautiful wine colour! A dark, rich wine colour. The whole package also comes with a SANDy (a Tokidoki character) nail file, which I can’t bear to use either.

One problem I have with this is the cheap packaging  inside. It made such an awesome looking set…look less, well, awesome. Oh, another beef I have is how bulky the whole thing is! This makes it really difficult to bring it on trips. Maybe I can depot them into smaller packaging…when I have the time? God knows when that will be.

Regardless, 12 big shadows and more for the price I paid was definitely worth it (not the original UP though). Especially since the range of colours are fantastic – from neutrals to fun shades to play with. I recommend purchasing this if the discount is still on!


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