Apple Cinnamon Deliciousness

 千本桜 by ろん

There was a bunch of apples laying about the house, and it was boring to eat it alone. So, the idea of making apple cinnamon cupcakes was born!

(Unfortunately, I lost the website I got the recipe from. I will update when I find it again. Though, one can easily search for the recipe!)

Ingredients assemble! Even the iPad decided to join in on the fun.

Let’s begin~

Remember to sieve your flour. Lumps are a big No-no!

This measuring spoons really saved me a whole load of trouble of having to weigh ingredients. Everyone should get them.

The beautiful thick brown combination of brown sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla essence.

I really enjoy using brown sugar, as it has this amazing aroma that comes out beautiful when baked!

Get some elbow grease on, its time for some mixing.

Tip: Chop the apples into small chunks – not too small because you want to bite into the soft cooked apple in the cupcake! Not too big either as you don’t want to miss out on the cake part either.

Make sure to mix evenly!

They are looking good even before heading into the oven.

And ta dah!! Look at all of them, posing for a photo!

I’ve seen recipes calling for icing or buttercream on top, but I like to keep things simple (and healthier)! It is delicious on its own and we are already brutally murdering diets with the cupcake alone. So, that was left out.

They were sent to my brother’s office, and were extremely well received – That is definitely great motivation to bake much more!


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