Sunshine Gems

The Beginning by ONE OK ROCK

Right before I headed back to the UK, a friend dragged me all the way to Sunshine Plaza (Bugis, Singapore) for some dim sum and ice cream! East meets west?

So, the first stop was Victor’s Kitchen, which is famous for their Liu Sha Baos – also known in proper English as Custard Buns. But it doesn’t just contain plain old custard! It’s other important ingredient is salted eggs – giving the bun a sweet yet savoury taste. Its a flavour one can immediately fall in love with.

When you tear it open, a beautiful golden liquid spills out!

Remember to eat it quick as leaving it out for too long causes the custard to solidify.

We ordered other Dim Sum dishes as well, including Lor Mai Kai – glutinous rice with chicken, Chinese sausage and salted eggs wrapped and steamed in Lotus leaves. The sticky rice gets entirely soaked in the flavour and aroma of the lotus leaves, which is amazingly fragrant!

There were others. The classic Siew Mai and Har Gao cannot be absent, obviously. We also ordered a favourite of ours that everyone should try; fried beancurd skin with shrimp filling. There is also the steamed version of this, which is also delicious. They taste different from one another and should give both a try!

Unfortunately, the staff at Victor’s Kitchen could do a little more on improving their service. There was actually an unknown black lump on one of the Liu Sha baos, which we suspect it to be an ant. So, we  told the staff about it, and asked for a change. She said nothing and left….so, we had no idea what was going on. Are going to have an exchange or not? We were almost done with our other orders when the same disgruntle staff tossed a new bun (in its steamer basket) onto the table, and like before, left without saying anything. I am not asking for much, just some sort of response! Also, the dining area is really small – can’t hold a lot of customers and was a little Regardless,  I still left happy!

After the main meal, it was time for desert! 

Merely ice cream is also located in Sunshine Plaza. It was a random discovery when I walked passed it once. The shop looked completely out of the place from its neighbouring food stalls, looking simple yet chic. Inside, the set up were just wooden tables and chairs. But, they decorate the walls with actual art pieces from artists – perhaps students from the close-by NAFA!

They have really interesting flavours, like the one I had: Chocolate Stout. Like the name suggests, it contains chocolate and stout! Their flavours complimented each other perfectly – the bitterness of the stout enhanced the chocolate flavour with the right amount of sweetness. Will definitely order this again!

My friend ordered the Salted Butterscotch, which is both sweet and salty. Something I would order the next time I go too.

You can check out their facebook page (link above), where they update the flavours they will be serving! They do allow a spoonful to try, so don’t be shy and ask!

I do love Sunshine Plaza. It does not seem like a fancy place where one can bring their first date to, but it does have a lot of good eateries there that are frequently filled with students and office workers in the area. You have to walk a bit from the nearest MRT station (Bugis) but its worth it! That is why everyone should check the place out!


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