Airport meals aren’t all bad.


This is actually a continuation of my Bangkok trip from more than a year ago, the previous parts are herehere and here. Though it does not really count, since I am already in the airport and this is just lunch before I fly back to Singapore. But! I really love this Japanese restaurant (I forgot its name!). The food were super fresh and delicious!

This was the best roe I have ever eaten in Bangkok! Surprisingly I found it in an airport.

And here’s another favourite of mine, gyoza! The crispy pan fried bottom along with the juicy minced pork filling with chives was pure heaven.

They were really generous with the ingredients – look at how thick the salmon slice was!

Another favourite of mine, cold cha soba. Its healthy without compromising on taste. I love to add the spring onions and wasabi into the soba sauce – I am not sure if its the proper way to eat it, but I love to do it this way.

It came with a plate of tempura of prawns and vegetables. Crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside!

Oh damn! I am making myself crave for some good Japanese food right now, especially a big plate of gyozas!


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