[Picture Diary #11] From chinatown to everywhere else!

Dangerous and Sweet by Lenka

My adventures in Bangkok continues in Chinatown!

#1 Where street stores are set up right next to the dangerous roads. & The risk of getting hit by a car for this squid and fish eggs omelette was worth it.

#2 Old school pepsi glass bottles no longer found in Singapore.

#3 My favourite Coconut Ice Cream store in Chatuchak, which comes with 2 toppings and a cup of refreshing coconut juice!

#4 The ice cream even comes with bits of coconut fruit. & I always order the pumpkin slices…or the sweet glutinous rice (not shown) if they have them.

#5 Bokeh-licious

#6 Pig Organ Kway Chap makes its appearance again, but this time with a thicker and darker soup broth.

Just as delicious, and always generous with ingredients.

#7 A tuktuk ride is like a roller-coaster ride when the driver seems to have little understanding on the concept of safety. Not complaining though – Weeee!

#8 Fried Flat Noodles from MBK food centre – cheap and good!

My tip is not be afraid and just try out whatever you see. I have, not once, gotten sick eating from the street stores there because I practise common sense. I try not to eat food that has been left in the open for long, and tend to go for those that are still cooking/grilling. Always ask for a new one, the store vendors don’t mind at all!

So much to eat in Bangkok! Don’t limit yourself to food in restaurants and malls!


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