[Picture Diary #10] Off to worship with a hearty breakfast

時ヲ止メテ by 東方神起

Bangkok is one my favourite placed to go on holiday. Not only for the super fulfilling shopping experience, but also for the amazing food!

This is basically a picture recap of my breakfast near a well known temple.

#1 Typical set up of condiments – Sugar, Chilli powder and Chilli sauce made of tiny fiery thai chillies and a plate of said chillies and garlic.

#2 Pig Organ soup with Kway Chap (rolled flat rice noodles) with a generous amount of chilli powder.

This is the clear version of said dish, other places may serve you a thicker soup broth which is just as delicious. Personally, I prefer this.

#2 Close up of the Kway chap, which is different compared to the on in Singapore. It’s flatter here, and rolled up.

Which is a great idea as it makes picking up with a spoon really easy!

Those who aren’t great fans of anything related to the insides of animals shouldn’t order this, as they give a very generous amount of pig offals – liver, intestine, stomach and even blood cubes.

But for those who are, you have to try this dish! You would definitely become an instant fan with the first mouthful.

#4 Old School, from the bottle to the cup.

#5 Inside the temple, they set this up for visitors to write names of those who they hold dear onto blocks – as a way to send a message to above to protect them.

I am not sure if I am correct about this actually – may be a poor inference on my part. But I am sure it is still meant to be some form of blessing so I did it anyway.

#6 Rows and rows of colourful lanterns just swaying in the wind. I wonder what they’re for? Perhaps a festival?

Though most go Bangkok to shop, I recommend heading out of the main city and explore. It has so much to offer, so much for you to see!

It would be such a waste to just spend all the time indoors.


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