[Picture Diary #9] Along the river Tay and back


Goodness! I almost forgot about the remaining pictures I took as I was strolling along River Tay (in Dundee) after I came home for summer vacation. There is a long gap from Part 1, but here it is!


#1 The harsh winds did not deter fishing enthusiasts from their hobby. They drove up in vans carrying all their fishing equipment, some alone, some with their sons.

#2 Some left a fish or two behind for the hungry seagulls.

#3 Even though its already spring, the trees still remain bare like it was winter.

#4 Sat down for a delicious Fish’n’Chips dinner after the long walk!

#5 Dundee’s most famous ship, the RRS Discovery.

This was the last traditional wooden ship to be built in Britain. It was launched in 1901 on an expedition named Discovery to the Antartic. It came home with success, and now rests in Dundee as a visitor attraction.

#6 Where are you headed?

#7 Colourful RRS Discovery stickers adding a lot more excitement to the lonely street pole.

And that’s the end of this series.

Till next time!


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