Kuala Lumpur Raid!

恋ゴコロ by ぷりますてら (ノワール、祭屋、転少女)

I had the awesome opportunity to head to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a short getaway before my summer vacation ends!

Prince Hotel had a special offer as Malaysia was celebrating one of its biggest festival, Ramadan and consecutively , Hari Raya. I got a room, not in the hotel area, but the residence! I loved it. It was an actual apartment, with kitchen, living room and a giant master bedroom with endless closet space, for a low price. Which is why I recommend checking out their website during important festival or events  for these deals.

The hotel wasn’t the only place having amazing offers, stores all over are having sales during this period as well! Restaurants also up their menus with special meals for breaking fast (which are not limited to only muslims going through ramadan), with great savings.

Unfortunately, I fell ill. I still beat myself up about not being able to stomach all the delicious meals Malaysia had to offer. Needless to say, I made myself feel a whole lot better through some retail therapy! So..here we go~

This! Craftholic’s! I wanted to buy it when I first saw it in Singapore, but it was ridiculously expensive! If I remember correctly, it was about SGD$45 or $55 for one (Wow, overpricing!). But I saw this selling for 49RM in Parkson Departmental Store in Pavilion KL, which equates to about SGD$19.80! Way less than half the price – a run to the cashier immediately. Granted, they did not have as much designs and merchandise as the store in Singapore, but the price was so much cheaper.

I did see it in Bangkok for about SGD$16 (had to buy more than 3 to get that price though) – further proving that Singapore loves to overprice its stuff!

Next stop was Etude House in Pavilion KL. I only bought the masks as they had promotions for them: Yoghurt and Honey wash off packs, I Need You mask series, Green Tea Nose pack and Collagen Eye Patch.

Also, a pastel yellow nail polish, CBE101, because it would go along with my pastel nail collection (all of which are from Etude House as well).

SASA had some promotions on certain products as well. I bought Canmake’s Cream Cheek in 10 and 08, Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N and Freshel Facial Toner by Kanebo.

Each of them had 15 – 20% discounts, and were cheaper than buying them back in Singapore.

The biggest dent in my wallet was caused by The Face Shop as they had 30 – 70% sales going on! They even had a special promotion where when you spend more than 60RM on certain products, a free gift containing a Studio 20 box and Clean Face Travel Kit containing sample sizes of this range’s toner, lotion and oil free control essence. Sound like a pretty awesome deal, doesn’t it?

Let me list down the products I bought: Oil Specialist Fresh Cleansing Oil with Cherryblossom, Peeling Day White Jewel, Real Nature Mask series, Essential Mask Sheet – Collagen, Phytogenic Infinite Make Up Base, White Mud Nose Pack, Lovely ME:EX BeBe Lip Essence, FACE IT Real Diamond Lip Gloss in OR201 , Auto Eyebrow in 05, Auto Eyeliner in 03, Lovely ME:EX Lip Care Stick in 01 and FACE IT Baked Shimmer Blusher in 03 Apricot Aura.

As you can see, I bought a lot of stuff – amounting up to 304RM aka SGD$122.70. I made so much savings! With about 122 bucks, you probably can only buy a couple of stuff in Singapore.

The final stop was Padini Concept Store! I bought a pair of pattern stockings which I can’t to wear when I head to back to Scotland!

And also, a pair of brown cut out flats from Vinnci! I’ve been wearing them everywhere I go – comfort at a super affordable price without comprising on a good look. Much regret in not buying another pair or two.

AND! I miss my favourite store there: Juice Works! Affordable fresh juice concoctions that ranges from thirst quenchers to tummy calmers! Anyone going to KL should have a drink there –  It’s healthy and tastes amazing! (I feel the need to promote JuiceWorks because everyone kept walking around with pricey BOOST when Juiceworks is being awesome and cheaper!!!!! Rage!)

This is making me miss KL. I definitely can’t wait to go back there again.


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