Chibi Charmander is All You Need

널 잡았어 by NS윤지

One beautiful Friday night, I went to Red Dot Museum’s MAAD event where Gift Wrapsody was setting up a booth!

The sold hair pins, collar pins, necklaces, charm bracelet etc. templates, where they all have empty circular slots. That’s where personal customization comes in!

I picked two hairpins, and make one with a Chibi Charmander and “Love is All You Need” surrounded by roses in a heart shape! (I got both images off Tumblr, so credit goes to the owners.) I even added a coat of glitter on the latter (not obvious but its definitely there). Just make sure your print is really dry before spreading the glitter glue (or nail polish) on the image.

BUT I regret picking the hairpins because they pull on my hair really hard! I wish I had bought the charm bracelet instead. I still do love them as they look really pretty!

Will be playing with them more when I have the time (and money!).

This is a short post…but it was really interesting, so I thought I’d share it.

Well then, till next time!


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