Hello, Gmarket Global!

Dive to Future by 奥井雅美

I have ordered from Gmarket Global again!

The shipping costs would be much more expensive if I were to order from UK, so I decided to have my orders delivered to me while I am still enjoying summer vacation in sunny Singapore! (This is actually the second parcel I’ve ordered this summer \(>o<)/!)

Since I already have loads of clothes and accessories from my Bangkok trip, there wasn’t a need for me to browse through the apparel, etc. sections. I focused mainly on random things I wanted.

All that I have ordered, along with a couple of free gifts! The sellers are so generous even though I only bought so little.

First up: It’s Skin Petit Blusher #4 & #1 and Lady Holic Lip Scrub.

The packaging for the blusher actually comes with a pair of chibi wings! It also has a fluffy puff with a tiny ribbon, continuing with the adorable baby-face angel theme.

A closeup on the colours:

The lip scrub is said to contain brown rice and walnut skin that acts as a vitamin scrub removing dead skin cells effectively. I always have dry lips, especially when I am in colder countries, so I am sure this will come into good use soon!

And there was freebies packed along with my orders! Power 10 Formula CO Effector and Macron Lip Balm in Pineapple (both of which can be bought at their in-store shop on Gmarket).

The moment I opened the lip balm, I was filled with the fragrant of pineapples! Keeps your lips moist without being sticky and glossy.

Moving on to the attitude kitties who will be cushioning my wrists while I spend hours on my laptop.

The small pink one is a wrist cushion for my right hand to rest on while clicking away on my mouse while the longer red one is for when I am typing on the keyboard!

Lastly, a bunch of decopaper and stickers.

The biggest one is a Vintage themed set containing 14 decopapers and sticker sheets. I absolutely love it. The quality is great, the selection and designs are amazing and on theme and all A4 sized! It even comes in a similarly designed folder to keep them all in one neat pile.

There are also two masking sticker sets: Pastel and Fabric.

There’s an exact same one that comes in a metal tin, but I saw no need for it. I saved some money because of that.

The seller even gave me a cartoon-ed pen as a free gift!

It was really quick, took less than a week from order to delivery. The only problem I had was Gmarket said my delivery was unsuccessful out of the blue – which made me panic a little! It was an error on their side obviously.

Basically, once the tracking on Gmarket shows arrival in your destination country, go to the appropriate local delivery for accurate updates.

Other than that, I love Gmarket Global and will continue to order from them!

You’re welcome, Gmarket!


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