Pandan Mayhem AGAIN: Muffins!

MAZE by 在中 from 東方神起

The next level of my baking exploration is….-drumroll- MUFFINS!

I stuck to my favourite flavour: Pandan! Which, when coupled with coconut milk, it becomes such a heavenly flavour!

The recipe is from My Muffin Lab; simple and easy!

As usual, soy bean milk replaces the usual dairy milk.

Notice that I have coconut cream instead of milk (as said in the recipe)? Just mix plain water with the cream: pour little by little until the consistency is achieved.

Still my favourite part of any baking process.

That green colour is absolutely beautiful!! The aroma was already filling the kitchen.

Time to mix, mix and mix!

Good thing about making muffins, it doesn’t need as much elbow grease.

Let’s fast forward all the long baking time…..


I overestimated the muffin’s ability to rise, explaining why it looked so ridiculously short and hidden within the cups.

But, I really love the combination of pandan green and the girly pink.

Next time I shall be more generous with the batter~

Look forward to the Banana Crumble Muffin post next O(≧∇≦)O!!

Till next time!


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