Mad For Garlic!

アンチクロロベンゼン by 蛇足

Last week I had dinner with the entire family at MAD FOR GARLIC!

“Originated in Korea in 2001, Mad For Garlic is one of Korea’s most popular restaurant chains known for its unique and innovative menu with garlic-specialized Italian cuisine served in an atmosphere of medieval European rustic tavern.” Would never has guessed that it came from Korea.

It was quite a pricey place to have dinner, but there were coupons online that made the payment much easier on the wallet – $15 for $30. Basically, we paid half price!

& here begins the salivating photos!

Garlic bread like I have never seen it before. Piping hot garlic infused oil, with chunks of soft garlic soaking in them. It was so good, and with an awesome name: Dracula Killer!

Here’s the seafood salad. There was more seafood than actual salad vegetables, and they were all really fresh and juicy.

This was my order: Spicy Meat Dipping Pizza – Garlic mushroom pizza with spicy beef sauce. I would order this again, definitely.

Garlic sizzling rice on a hotplate to keep it hot and delicious the entire time!

I can’t remember what this dish is called, but it was humongous! A mountain of prawns with special garlic sauce at the side.

Triple garlic pasta…and like the salad, there was so much shellfish and other seafood!

The next time I head there, I will try their desert. Not the usual one, but their Garlic Sprinkle Gelato. Actual garlic ice cream, with a garlic cookie – Wow!

I don’t think I ever had so much garlic in one sitting ever. Every dish had actual garlic cloves in them – not diced, but the whole cloves! Not complaining though, the taste and aroma of the garlic made everything delicious without tasting similar. Still, its not something you can eat everyday. My breath was epic at the end of dinner.

Anyway, till next time!


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