Saints RULE everywhere!

illa illa (일라 일라) by JUNIEL

Saints Row: The Third is taking over my life. I’ve clocked in nearly 50 hours already; I need to go out and get some sunlight!

This over the top gang-and-crime game IS SUPER AMAZING! I absolutely love the customization options from your character, vehicles and all the way to gang members.

My character’s wardrobe literally changes every day.

Here is me being an badass Oktoberfest girl. Notice how ridiculous I look?

I love that eagle tattoo in the middle of my chest!

Here’s me again (See? Wardrobe change.) as a shiny metal dominatrix. I am having so much fun with this.

Pimped out my ride in beautiful Saint’s purple!

And I shall go now, continuing my raid of Steelport!


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