I’m weak against them!

僕みたいな君 君みたいな僕 by Clear & ヲタみん

I admit that my favourite past time is to walk into Watsons and fiddle with their products. & the section I linger in the most has got to be the Japanese cosmetic section (unfortunately for my wallet)! It’s like a dream! Have you seen their packaging? This is my weakness..my weakness towards Japanese products and their god damn adorable packaging.

Left to right: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Makeup Remover, Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara and CANMAKE Cover & Stretch UV Concealer.

Being a fan of Hada Labo products since its first launch in Singapore, I decided to give the remover a try since it was on sale! The fact that it is water-based is a big plus even though oil-based is much better – I absolutely can’t stand the greasy icky feeling it leaves me with! It is suppose to hydrate as it cleanses and balance the skin pH – sounds good!

Then, the mascara! I have always had problem with smudging, even with waterproof formulas. This is the only brand I have used that have yet given me any of that nor clumping! I’ve been in the rain with this…I can say, it did its job very well. Only problem is that its rather difficult to remove with water-based removers – recommended to use oil-based or Heroine Make’s very own Mascara Remover (pin point removal!). As much as I wanted to try Dollywink or Fairy Drops acclaimed mascaras, they were way over my budget! If I remember correctly, they were a whooping SGD30+/-! (This is good enough for me and I shall stick with it~). It has a different brush design, named the Curl Catch Brush. Basically, it has a V-shape that traps generous amounts of product for that extra volume and the tapered tip makes it great for corners and lower lashes.

Last but not least, the concealer. I have a bad history with concealers – I have a whole collection of different types and brands and none of them have ever worked properly for me. After a while, I gave up using it entirely. However, recently, my blemishes are becoming more obvious along with my dark eye rings – they can no longer be covered by my BB cream alone! Which is why I decided to give CANMAKE’s concealer a try. Not only does it cover up blemishes, it also provides protection from UV and dryness. Even though it does accentuates wrinkles on my under eye as time passes, it can easily be solved by re-applying and blending it out like usual. Also, it has a powdery finish, which is perfect for quick touch ups!

I love Canmake and can’t stop getting my hands on their products! One of them being their newly launched eyeshadow collection: Perfect Stylist Eyes which I got in 03. It was a pretty good deal as you get 5 shadows, giving you 2 looks! One using the Pink (Bright Style) as the main, and the other using the Orangey (Natural Style) shade. The colour combinations are just so pretty I couldn’t resist myself!

So there’s that! Watson has earned another chunk from my vanity.

Till next time!


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