Tea Time, Cantonese Style

Valley of the Dolls by Marina & The Diamonds

What was originally a visit to the paediatrics for my niece’s flu, became a leisure tea time with the family. We had Dim Sum at Canton Paradise located at 112 Katong which just so happened to have a tea time promotion!

I almost wanted to steal these cups home! Is this an actual brand of milk?

The milk tea was done Hong Kong-style and was good!

Though I only had a taste because I had Earl Grey Milk Tea from Gong Cha a minute earlier (I have a horrid addiction to this drink (_ ̄■ ̄_) !).

The Dim Sum was awesome as usual. One of each type, just enough for tea! Unfortunately, the selections are fixed; I wish I could’ve switch my steamed Teochew dumpling for another Siew Mai.

Moments like these really makes me reluctant to leave for university. I am going to miss my family, my friends and my country; all of which has given me so much comfort and ease. The limited access to everything I love is just horrible.

Then again, it is only for a year. I can make it!….?


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