Sanrio X Brown Sugar

Shining Star by 南波志帆

It’s baking time again! It is really simple recipe; Brown Sugar Cookies (with lovely cinnamon) from justJENN. As it is a cut-out cookie recipe, I get to play with my Hello Kitty cookie cutters I purchased from a super pink Sanrio shop in town!

And simple is good, less chances for me to mess it up (〃▽〃)

The recipe doesn’t call for a a lot of different ingredients but do need a big chunk of flour! 3 cups! I made a mess scooping them out.

Look at these cookie cutters! They come with imprint of Hello Kitty characters of different designs! It costs more than the normal cutters but it was totally worth my money.

I was being and idiot and attempted to sift all 3 cups of flour at once. It flew everywhere…EVERYWHERE. So tip from this novice, do a portion at a time.

The smell of cinnamon was amazing. I should have thrown in a little bit more!

Ready for some whisking!

No electric mixers for us! Only elbow grease!

After chilling the fridge, it was ready to be rolled out and shaped! Notice the cracks? It is probably due to the fact butter ran out.

Tip when using these cutters; push down the imprint while the shape cutter is still there – it will just spread with a faint imprint without it.

Adorable, right?

Into the oven!

This is to show how inconsistent I am with rolling the dough out. The major difference in thickness (*´ο`*)=3

Resulted in awesomeness nonetheless! Perfect with a good cup of tea.

The next time I do this recipe I would go lower on the sugar and a little more on the cinnamon though~

Oh, damn, I really want to much on these right now! (^ _ ^)/~~ Till next time


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