Bangkok is a synonym for shopping: Day 3 + Extras!

POWER by Kanye West

You all know what this post is going to be about. Day 3’s, also known as the final day’s, shopping haul!

It may look much less compared to the two previous days but it has a story behind this: My last day was technically half a day. I had to leave for the airport at 12:45PM, and my parents wanted to visit the Erawan shrine again before leaving. This basically means it is literally a mad rush for time to head to Chatuchak weekend market and scan through every shop!! I woke up extremely early that morning, visited the shrine and reached the market at 9AM and, damn it! Most of the shops aren’t open yet! (Note: I didn’t walk all of the market. That’s insane! There’ are areas that has shops catered to youths and young adults.) Disappointed, but I shopped where I could.

Items at the market tend to be generally cheaper than what you get at Platinum fashion mall, but the specified area is much smaller. However, they do have more unique inventory and you see different stuff all over. (Not like Platinum where you see the same blouse every 3 shops.) The weather would put anyone off, but I was determined. My tip is to dress light, bring water and head to the coconut ice cream stall within the area for a recharge.

Can’t explain how happy I am with the loot I found in the incredibly rushed time frame.

Especially this pair of shoes! (Which was only 150 baht!) It is flat but with a 2 inch platform, making me taller without the pain of squished toes by heels! They came in a whole range of colours and I regret not getting another pair of these in brown/beige for a more natural and girly look.

The blouse at the very right end was only a 100 baht. 100!

These are some of the items I forgot to include in the previous posts where they rightfully belong:

Ribbonssss~! I have a thing for them; they are so adorable.

On Friday night, I bumped into some sort of event? Or maybe they do that every weekend. But anyways, it was a bunch of creative Thai citizens who look like art students? putting their craft on displays & for a price, you get to own them!

Its a moustache watch. How could I not buy it!? And it was only a 190Baht.

Saw these phone charms and couldn’t resist!

And that’s the end of my report on the amount of money I wasted on a trip to Bangkok.

Till next time!


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