Bangkok is a synonym for shopping: Day 2


The second day was split into 2 areas: Pratunam wholesale area and Platinum Fashion Mall (Yes, again. I wasn’t not done with that place yet!). Combing through the mall again made me realised I missed out a lot of stores when I was just scanning briefly. Thank goodness for Day 2!

It was considerably less than the previous Day, but I still managed to get pretty awesome stuff!

And here’s the haul!

Close ups!

I never loved the idea of collar necklaces until that day! So, I bought three for myself! In attempt to make all my plain blouses look a little more interesting.

There were 2 choices for these necklaces: the ones you are looking at which is leather like and the other was smooth plastic. I decided to go for this cause it looked way more interesting than just plain old shiny plastic.

I’ve been looking for these spike headbands all over and I finally found tons in Platinum! I held back and only bought 3, each of them a different colour/design. You might think it would look crazy wearing this out, but the spikes are small – more of a little additional detail than a centrepiece.

My mum convinced me to get the mustard top – I have never tried on that colour before and I was afraid I would look sickly in it (._.)Well, I guess we will find out when I do finally put it on.

& That’s it for Day 2!

Till next time ヾ(^_^) byebye!!


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