Bangkok is a synonym for shopping: Day 1


Since the day I came back from Scotland, I have been nagging my parents for a trip to Bangkok. For its food (which was super delicious!) and, of course, for shopping! I am guessing that a lot of shops in Singapore actually get their stocks from there as well, so why not skip the middleman and go straight to the source to skip all the needless waste of money!

I stayed at an amazing hotel with the best location for any shopper! Novotel Platinum, which is next to the Platinum fashion mall! Anyone who has went to Bangkok to shop knows that place for sure! It is the number stop for anyone that is looking to buy loads, and at a much cheaper price than anything you can get back home. Sometimes, if you’re lucky you can find brands like Zara and Topshops in the pile (I think they are “rejects” from the factory that mass produces the clothes for these brands). I saw a couple but I tend to avoid anything more than 350 Baht because I am, there’s no better way to say this than, really cheap. Heh.

I am actually really pleased because a lot of the shops in Platinum were having a mini sale, and they have racks filled with clothes of 100, 200 and 300/350 Baht. Also, a tip to anyone who’s heading there: its good to go with a bunch of friends so you can get a bunch of clothes from the same store to get the shopkeeper to give you a better wholesale price for each piece. Sharing is caring!

The first day was split into 2 locations: 1) Chinatown, where the wholesale shops are located at. Products range from everything to anything. 2) Platinum Fashion Mall (Main building – they expanded with a 2nd bulding connected to my hotel.) This place mainly sell clothes on level 1 – 4, 5 focuses on accessories and kids. B1 is mixed, but mostly shoes and bags with Black Canyon Coffee for you to rest your tired legs!

So here’s the loot from Day 1:

Shall we have some close up shots? Of course!


I know the Green Tea Powder was random as heck, but it was SGD6 cheaper over there! I had to buy it! (This is not the grocery type product I bought either, wait till the post on Day 3. Mwahahaha!)

So, there it is!

Till next time!


9 responses to “Bangkok is a synonym for shopping: Day 1

    • I got it at the wholesale area in CHinatown…I am not sure what that exact area is called since I just walked into it. Chinatown is a bit tricky to get to though, there’s no train station to it (you have to get a cab). It Also gets crowded sometimes so taxis won’t agree to take you here because of possible jams.

    • I found another stall in The same Chinatown area that sold all sorts of Sanrio merchandises, but it is wholesale so you can’t just buy only one item. Other then that, I didn’t see stalls selling them.

    • When you go into that area, it is just one long alley where there’s no other direction for you to turn. Keep going straight until you reach an intersection and turn to the right. It is just a make shift store, where the toys are in respective giant plastic bags. It’s hard to miss.

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