[Picture Diary #8] Edinburgh Castle

優しさの理由 by ChouCho

No trip to this beautiful is completed without checking out its majestic castle! Well, just the courtyard because I am a poor and needy student. That and because the queue to buy admission tickets was ridiculously long and I didn’t want to spend my trip waiting in line for hours. Time is much better spent enjoy the view it has to offer and snapping as many photos as possible!

#1 It had one heck of a courtyard. The rain has just subsided and gave the floor a glistening quality which made the photo more awesome! The contrast in architecture from one building to the next as well as the regal statue was an interesting combination. I really like this photo.

#2 I never knew there were so many variations to the helmets and this was the first time I have ever seen chainmail or

#3 an actual full armour. I felt pretty awesome looking at it, though I think the shield could do a little more in the design department. But damn, it must be hot in there.

#4 Absolutely love the details on it. I don’t remember what was written on the stone slab, and well, I was more interested in the design anyway. I guess I could visit it again to find out what exactly was written on it. (Excuses)

#5 Entrance into the actual castle grounds. I would’ve went if I could but, like I said earlier, I am not fond of waiting in long queues. It is pretty amazing that such an old building has survived through and lasted till this day, still going on strong. They might have done some touching up though. Still, to have build such an enormous structure on top of a hill that could gone through so many years of wear and tear is an amazing feat.

#6 The front entrance of the castle, filled with colourful tourists.


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