[Picture Diary #7] Streets of Edinburgh


It seems that I can never get tired of the beautiful city known as Edinburgh. This was from a impromptu trip a couple of weeks after I came back to Dundee, and I figured I should take the chance and whatever free time I am blessed with at the start of the semester.

The atmosphere of the city changed compared to the crazily packed and joyous Christmas season. I headed over in the opposite direction from the last time I was there and crossed the bridge towards the castle.

#1 You can never not take a picture of the signature red telephone boxes, let alone when there’s three of them in a row! While the vibrant red paint still stays on shining, its covered in obvious clues that it has been there for quite a while. I wonder if anyone still actually uses it?

#2 I also really wonder if anyone actually buys from these stores. Some of them even had bright orange and blue striped IrnBru candy. (For those who don’t know, Irn Bru is a soft drink that has its origins in Glasgow. If I am not mistaken, it is also ranked no.1 in Scotland or at least in the top ranks.) To be honest, I have never had it because I got put off by the unusual bright orange. One day…One day!

#3 Looks really different from the ones I have back home.

#4 Just a normal day in the city.

#5 It rained for a bit. The weather in Scotland is ridiculously random. The sun could be shining brightly right now and a second later, it would start to rain. While I disliked having to rained on, when it stops, it gives the floor a glistening cover that reflects the sun light. It is actually quite pretty.

#6 I just had to take a picture of this shop. The baby blue made it out of place and yet it fitted in with the rest of the building. The architecture is miles different from Singapore, which is mainly skyscrapers and tall apartment buildings.

There’s more from this trip soon! As well as the rest of my walk along river tay!

Unfortunately, my lens catch is stucked and I won’t be able to get it fixed till I get back home. I do have my Golden Half and a couple of 35 mm films, which I have already used extensively on the trip to Edinbrugh Zoo. Hopefully, I can finish the rest of the roll, get it process and uploaded soon!


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