LANA DEL REY: Bad Publicity is still Publicity

Her horrid wooden performance on Saturday Night Live (which caused a burst of haters) became the reason why I have found Lana Del Rey.

She is truly the definition of  “Bad Publicity is still Publicity”. I have seen ads for her album and thought it was interesting, but never enough for me to do an actual search on her or listen to her songs. Then come this flood of comments (mostly negative) about her stint on SNL, I became curious. A few clicks later, I was repeating the music video of Born To Die for the entire day. I continued to do so for the next couple of days (alternating with Video games) until the album I ordered off Amazon to arrive at my doorstep.

And it did. It finally did!

This is the result of me playing with her cover with a webcam installed with a kaleidoscope effect. And with a spoon. Well, the centre was empty and it kind of fit.

I think she is beautiful, in an old-school way. Though I am aware of the rumours of her working on her face several times, I could not care less. She looks stunning, especially in Born To Die in that long white dress while she sits between 2 ferocious felines. I still think she looked amazing drenched in fake blood at the end of it. There was something about the whole pose with her on screen lover that made it really pretty (with a complementary exploding vehicle in the background to add on to the drama).

Here’s the music video:

While she sounds absolutely beautiful on her album with her, her live performance definitely leaves room for improvement. Loads of it. She is getting better from what I have been hearing. Truth to be told, I don’t really care much for it. She sounds good on the album and that is enough for me.

With that, I shall continue to make her album part of my top playlist.


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