[Picture Diary #1] Morning at the German Xmas Market

Waltz Of Anomalies by KK

The first stop of the day when I arrived in Edinburgh was the highlight! The Christmas Market, namely a German one. Right before it was a whole entire space of carnival rides, gypsy fortune telling and the usual food fare. The ambience was never something I have ever felt before! Everyone there, working or sightseeing, was completely immersed into the Christmas spirit. I loved it, and would totally want to return there next year!

I am splitting up the images by batches, mainly because my trigger-happy fingers went crazy on the shutter button and took way too many photos. Here’s the first bunch!

#1 Every single decoration they used for the rides were so adorable and vibrant.

#2 The prettiest merry-go-round I have ever set eyes on. For sure.

#3 Ho Ho Ho! There’s a Grandpa Santa that’s going around, giving merry wishes to the kids.

#4 I could not believe they were candles when I saw them from far. I would never want to use them and melt these decorations away.

#5 I just love the colours so much.

#6 Guess what? This was my breakfast (Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce) which was accompanied by….

#7 My very first Glühwein! I had the raspberry flavoured one, but I much preferred the original. If you ever have the chance you should totally have a cup!

More pictures in the near future!


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