Allison Harvard – Underwater

No, no. Allison did not give up modelling for a singing career. This is merely a challenge in cycle 17 of America’s Next Top Model (All Stars). Sorry, Tyra, but every time you come on, I just wish you didn’t. That supposed “viral video element” part of the music video ruined the serenity of the song and video.

I am completely amazed at Allison. This challenge required her to come up with the lyrics of the song in just 20 minutes. She did so, fantastically, and it held a lot of meaning. The song is about the death of a father and, from what I can gather, is about her family “drowning” because of that. I can understand why Allison felt unhappy about having to incorporate “POT LEDOM” (TOP MODEL backwards) into the song at the last minute. It completely ruins the feeling of the whole song, especially with the deep meaning it holds. I do wish the song was much longer though. Perhaps one day she realise how much her fans are in love with it, and eventually work on a complete version!

If you ignore those unnecessary parts, the song is fantastic with Allison looking completely beautiful.

Somewhat haunting which makes it definitely beautiful.


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