My (horrible) Sedentary Lifestyle

「ねぇ、、、」 by 後藤真希

The only exercise I get is probably that short 5 minute walk I take to get to lab sessions on Mondays/Fridays. And 2 hours ago, I attended the final one. I literally just sit on my butt all day. Well, it’s not like you stand or dance around during lectures. I tried telling myself to do a couple of exercise but I had neither the equipment nor the motivation to stand in the cold, let alone do anything else in it. The sun setting at about 4PM every day helped increase my list of excuses too.

Now that assignments are piling up and the degree exam is creeping its way towards me ominously, I have even more reasons to not do so. And yet, what I am doing right now? Re-watching Sherlock season 1, hoping by some miracle, season 2 pops out of nowhere so I can enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s beautiful chemistry on screen.

There’s a academic journal sitting just centimetres away from me , half-read (more accurately half-deciphered), for the paper analysis test on Friday. I was hardly amused by the grade I got for the previous one, which explains my complete lack of confidence about the upcoming one.  But no, no. I toss those worries aside and just sit here, doing clearly nothing productive.

Fine! I shall do my work now!


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