Sherlock in the 21st

Have you heard of this new British television series? Well, not exactly new since it was actually released in mid 2010. I cannot believe it took me that long to watch this! I just finished Season 1 which, unfortunately, was only 3 episodes. The amazing and awesome part about those episodes were that they were 90 minutes apiece! It is practically a film on television! Every week! I can understand why it would take so long to film Season 2 (coming out late 2012). Once you have watched the first season, which I assure you that you would because it is just to easy to jump into, you will desperately be waiting for the next.

I love the theme for Sherlock as well.

I finished the 3 episodes along with 9 episodes of Big Bang Theory’s Season 5 today. So much for working on my assignments and studying, huh?

Oh, don’t judge me. Once you start on this, you can’t just stop. It is impossible!


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