A little reflection

HELLO 〜Paradise Kiss〜 by YUI

It is almost hard to believe that it is less than a month before I will be going home. Time sure is passing really quickly. No complains but I feel as if I am not grasping this opportunity like I should. The excuse I gave myself was to allow myself to get a better feel of my area more before venturing out to further cities or towns. As much as I really want to head down to London by myself to watch the plays I so very much dreamt of, my family deemed me unprepared and not ready for something so “adventurous”. Well, maybe they are right.

Either way I have my Kindle now, I have no problems with entertaining myself. Picking up reading again sure is a good thing, but it’s impeding my studies way lot then I expected it to. Halfway through lessons I would be thinking about the book I am reading, imagining scenes from it; causing me to feel that excitement and urge to run out of class with my Kindle to start flipping through the pages. I’ve caught myself so many times doing that…..

University, academic wise, is not that different but the level is obviously different. They demand something much higher than what I am used to. Exceptionally hard for someone who is jumping on to pre-honours year after 7 months of having no contact to the field and desperate search of an exit out of said field, wouldn’t you say?

I should be glad that I have this chance to even continue my studies in a foreign land, as it really opens up much more interesting doors for me. There are applications for summer programmes in the university or other places in the UK which I probably won’t be getting back home. At least, I suppose, not in the same quantity. I am interested and its amazing that I even get to apply to them.

Though, it would an idiotic move to not make use of this and go for everything while I am here, regardless of what the future holds for me. Maybe, I hope, I would find my way while doing so.


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