Indomie is love.

番凩 by 仕事してP feat. MEIKO & KAITO

Unfortunately, I am still in the middle of my semester and is not heading back home yet. The point of this post was to describe how much of a crazy woman I am when I went to the Chinese supermarket today.

I saw Indomie Mee Goreng and felt my heart actually clenched in happiness. To add on more crazy, I started ranting excitedly about it to the poor girl who, still hungover, had to accompany me. Pretty sure I annoyed the hell out of her but, screw it, I was literally smiling widely to myself. Yes, just because I saw my favourite childhood instant noodles. It was not cheap (not expensive either) but I put no thought into dumping the pack of 5 into my basket.

When I reached my dorm, I immediately started preparing it. The moment the aroma of the sauces and spices started to fill me, I felt homesick. I was still very much excited but…

To be serious, I enjoy being in Dundee and everything. It is an amazing opportunity to be studying aboard and I couldn’t ask for more. Except, I do miss the ability to just pop into my parents room and, well, do nothing but just watch the television. I used to do that so much but never realised how much it meant to me until I was 17 hours away from them. I guess by eating the food I used to eat back home while being here helps me fill that void…which explains my ridiculous display of momentary insanity back in the shop.

Either way, I will probably be going down every week to stock up on indomie…and eventually die of preservative overload.


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