Gravylicious Bangkok

I Am The Best by 2NE1

Oh damn it, just looking at the picture alone makes me want to hop on a plane to Bangkok right now!

I had this amazing gravy-licious dish at Chinatown near midnight on a cheap stool and shaky table on the road. Yes,  the rough asphalt road. They used mostly small vehicles, like motorbikes, to make some sort of make shift barrier between the rushing traffic and people who are nonchalantly having their meal while being one small mishap from eternal slumber. The best part was I had to sit nearest to the road because of the lack of seats. On my left was the parade of every vehicle in existence and on my right (quite far but still very visible) was a dark staircase where prostitutes sat and waited. Quite interesting isn’t it?

Back to the main point of this! The awesome gravylicious fried flat rice noodle (also known as kway teow) which I generously sprinkled with my beloved chilli powder. The gravy is truly the main point of this dish; it’s thick and awesomely delicious beyond anything I have ever tasted before. I am not joking! The pork slices, I have no idea what they did to it but, were sssmmoooooooooth and you can literally slurp it up. Noodles were cooked just right and were chewy. Since they were generally tasteless, it went very well with the thick gravy which I swear is, truly without a doubt, the best I have ever had.

I am pretty sure the secret ingredient is LARD.

I just dislike that it only opens at nigh at Chinatown and I have yet to find another place that sells this dish with the same level of deliciousness. It’s really a pain to go there at night, especially weekends, since you can only rely on taxis. Their train system does not reach there unfortunately. Still, I would risk it and try to get just one mouth of it.

Ah….it was difficult doing this post up. Food posts are hard and distracting!


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