Under the sakura tree

桜の樹の下 by KOKIA

I give my thanks to Jpopcart for helping me obtain this amazing single which I was unable to find in Singapore. Being unable to get it just made me more desperate to get my hands on it!

Much earlier, I’ve posted a video from youtube of 桜の樹の下. Those who have heard it will surely agree with me that KOKIA’s voice is as soothing and beautiful as ever accompanied by both the traditional and modern instruments harmonising in the background. It really gives the feeling that, like the cover, blooming sakura petals are scattering in the wind. I saw a review which mentioned that this song “really represents a traditional ethereal ambience” and I couldn’t help agreeing wholeheartedly.

桜の樹の下 is played in the background whenever I read any of the Saiyuki series. A warning to those reading Gaiden with it playing; tears are sure to flow!

Unfortunately, I have only been putting  桜の樹の下 on repeat and had yet to really listen to 光の方へ which was also used in the OVA. It was used as the ending song unlike the former which was used as an opening song. I am glad they picked this arrangement. It really follows the mood of the show.

Anyway, another post another day about the second track!

Oh! If you’re wondering why there’s only one picture of the cover, it’s because I spent a great amount of time trying to capture a good picture of how amazing the disc look but I ultimately failed to do so. It’s really depressing! If only I could show how beautiful it looked.


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