Teh-O Peng

♪ 光の雨が降る夜に by 9mm Parabellum Bullet

Photo taken by me while I was having breakfast at Terminal 3’s WANG cafe.

How many times have I ordered this when I went to the foodcourt (FC3) of my school?

I picked up the habit of drinking it only during my second year, mainly because it was the cheapest thing there. (Why are other drinks always so overpriced…?) Either way, it made me move on to appreciate the wonders of tea itself. I don’t cringe anymore when I drink Green Tea. I used to..I had a sweet tooth and I didn’t like anything bitter. But now, the more bitter it is, the better! Is it just me or as I grow older, my tastes are getting “older” as well?

Either way, I still won’t forget buying this with my friend and bringing it to classes as it would be the ONLY thing that would keep us awake.

I really miss those walks to class with you all.


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