Woohoo!! Graduation!!


We say farewell to the time we spent together; let’s enjoy that moment to the last!

We won’t be able to go back to this time and I don’t want to regret it.

I am glad I came for gaduation after. Initially, I found it a chore and wasn’t planning on attending. After yesterday’s events, I know I would’ve regreted deeply if I did not turn up. My parents were able to attend for just a bit but they missed me going up the stage to collect the empty tube. Haha! Regardless, receiving their call after I sat down back at my seat made me feel loved. They had to leave right after the call which, truth to be told, made me a little sad and angry. Still, surrounded by the high energy of my coursemates kept me feeling excited throughout the joyous event.

We called for one last course photo at the end of the day at our “favourite” hangout. The building we spent most of our 3 years at, T11A. One by one, our lecturers came down took photos of and with us. Even the one lecturer, Dr. Tan, who no one exected to be there that day as everyone thought he was still overseas came down. Of course, with roaring and shocked cheers from us.

Even though sometimes I wish that 3 years ago I did not make the decision of pursuing a diploma in Biomedical Science, I am still glad I did. Why? Because I have met some pretty amazing people here. The friends who accompanid me through the 3 years especially my final project mates. The irrtating arse (joking here…mostly!) and block neighbour who I always head home on the long train ride with and so many others. I am going to get emotional if I continue this part…haha~

Awesome 3 years we had, I must say ☺ !

Above photo is taken by my classmate, Janice.


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